Curb the cost of Cyber Security with Secure Data Management

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Cybersecurity is a major concern for any government. Threats to critical infrastructure and operations are becoming more sophisticated and the pace of attacks is becoming more rapid. According to a recent IDC study, the cybersecurity market is $101.6 billion including software, services, and hardware. Asia/Pacific is expected to grow the fastest in spending by 2020, followed by the Middle East, Africa, and Western Europe. Depending on the purpose of the attack (financial, espionage, other), initial compromise and data exfiltration can range anywhere from seconds to hours.

However, discovery and containment more often take days to months to identify and implement a remediation solution The costliest breaches are a result of malicious or criminal attacks, which can be caused by external hackers or criminal insiders. The Big Data Problem for Cybersecurity and the Impact on Storage Deploying the correct security measures is a necessity for making critical information available to authorized users when they need it. However, with the growing number of devices (such as mobile devices, virtual machines, laptops, and tablets) requesting access to networks and applications, a broader range of security technologies to provide continuous diagnostics and monitoring is now required to provide protection against the growing number of attacks that result in compromised data and systems.

With the increased sophistication of techniques used in attacks, cyber data collection is now a big data problem that must be addressed by the changing role of cybersecurity. For a typical 10GB link, storage requirements can easily reach 100TB per day to capture, analyze, and archive the data. And with retention times ranging from 1 week to 30 days, storage requirements can quickly jump from 700TB to over 3PB.

Close the Gap with Secure Storage NetApp storage and data management solutions can help government agencies implement a risk-based approach with the ability to collect, analyze, and secure data across the enterprise. We have the technology and a diverse partner ecosystem that can help close the gap between compromise and discovery. We can also help agencies quickly understand what is happening within their complex Environments and ultimately secure their data so that it is not stolen or destroyed by attackers. It is clear that government agencies struggle with the number of attacks and the complexity of their environments because 66% of the compromises take months or longer to be discovered.

The net result? Data is gone by the time the incident is discovered. Cost and Impact As evidenced by many of the recent headlines, cyber espionage is a growing concern for government agencies. Coupled with the increasing numbers of cybersecurity incidents being reported, the exposure of sensitive information can result in serious impacts on federal and military operations, public safety, and critical infrastructure

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