How Chatbot Services can Increase your Profitability

Chatbot technology
Post Published On: May 9, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next wave in cloud technology. At the start of its era, the solutions are few but will soon grow to unlimited possibilities in how AI can be implemented in real life situations.

I want to talk about one solution of AI which can start impacting almost every business and does not take a lot of time get started, the Chatbot. Chatbot powered by an AI engine can do wonders in any industry, segment, business or department function. Let’s talk about a simple example which is customer service or support, many times the customer would want to chat with a customer support agent through their website and ask what he wants instead of the going through the website and finding out the details on his own. This is not always available websites. Another example of how Chatbot can be used – internal company Chatbot which can answer any common questions of an employee about HR, Finance, Sales, Products, Marketing etc. It’s really about how we can provide the right information in the most effective way using the basic language and some interactive methods using Chatbot.

The question is how complex it is to build a bot and how much it will it cost a customer or what kind of skills does it requires. Answer – One can get started with Chatbot with a minimum investment of few hundreds of dollars. If you scale the service with more complex work and integration it will need more investment and skills. But the basic entry-level service requires no development skills, it can be developed by a technical engineer who is familiar with Cloud Infrastructure services and has a logical mindset. The simple service your Chatbot should provide is automated FAQ about your company, products, etc. It should be developed exactly in lines of how/what questions your customers ask you linking it to the right answers.

Once the concept is clear, then setting up the bot from any of the popular AI providers is easy. The leading once is Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Google Machine Learning and AWS. If you are a Microsoft Partner then its very easy to start with Azure using their QNA maker and publish. If you are an IBM partner then you can use the Watson Conversation and publish the services.

The best part of Chatbot is that it gets integrated with all the modern Chat and messaging services like Skype, Slack, Skype for Business, Facebook Messenger, Website Chat, Mobile App, Email etc. This makes it very easy for customers to quickly adopt the bot services and as it’s powered by AI you can train the bot and it will become better and better every day.

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