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Building Your Brand
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Marketing has been evolving over the past decade along with the development in technologies. Technology offered new opportunities for marketers and made our lives easier, but simultaneously brought more challenges too. Today, one can buy almost everything online. Product information is available at the click of a button. This compelled marketing to adapt to the digital world and become present online.

Companies have moved their focus to gathering online traffic to their websites, blogs, ads and social networking accounts through search engine optimization of keywords, publishing extensive content, purchasing customer database from other companies and so on. Marketing is much more targeted now. We are well past the days of “mass marketing” and “high economy of scale”. Personalized messages, getting to know your personas better through use of business analytics and business intelligence are the trends driving today’s marketing. This is relevant to both consumer and B2B marketing.

Variety of different digital marketing tools such as marketing automation tools, CRMs, different demand generation platforms enable marketers to achieve today’s objectives in business. Digital marketing is developing rapidly. I recommend organizations to consider the following aspects in their marketing strategy during this year:

  • Use more videos:  Good video content can make a big difference for your business
  • Use chatbots:  for customer service and other functions in the organization (including marketing)
  • Implement marketing as storytelling. In B2B, incorporate successful case studies to make an impact.
  • Be more cautious in data collection:  In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming into effect in Europe.

Marketing automation is absolutely critical in the modern era of business. The biggest benefit of marketing automation is the time it will save your business, marketing team, and sales department. Marketing automation lets you set up your marketing campaigns ahead of time and trigger them when your customers are ready for your marketing message. If all the tools in your marketing department are integrated: BI, CRM, Marketing automation tool, and they talk to each other, marketers will spend time on creativity, setting marketing objectives and marketing strategy, analyzing the ROI of campaigns, which will definitely add value to the organization.

At Ingram Micro, we have invested in digital marketing platforms coupled with Business Intelligence tools that can assist our partners in generating new business and optimizing solutions for end users. One such platform is Partner Marketing Program (PMP), which we introduced to our partners last year.

This tool is designed to help our resellers simplify digital marketing with a combination of various tools. It’s based on one of the best marketing automation platforms combining email marketing, social media and direct online ads (through Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads). Our PMP is available for all resellers to sign in at

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