Cloud -
Key to Digital Era

Cloud - Key to Digital Era
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Cloud technology sets the foundation and is the backbone to an organization’s digital transformation. To address transformational challenges when embarking on digital journeys, companies need a technology solution that permits rapid design, adoption and adaptation. The solution should also free up resources for creating competitive differentiation and value. It should be easy and economical to deploy and scale.

This is completely possible with cloud. By implementing a cloud-based digital transformation strategy, you’re providing your company the speed, agility and end-to-end integration to support its organizational transformation. The first step towards transformation is developing a clear understanding of all the factors involved and changing behaviors. Next is a clear-eyed assessment of your organization’s current technology — particularly its capacity for future growth and agility. And finally, map the options and routes to transformation while ensuring you have the leadership drive to execute and overcome barriers.

The rise of cloud technology has created an inflection point in the marketplace that has enabled organizations to take on largerscale change. Hybrid cloud will take the lead, thanks to its ability to truly blend environments and further improve operational agility. Also, Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service will gain wider market share with its pay-by-use consumption model. Identifying the growth opportunities that come with this technology, Ingram Micro has made substantial investments in a cloud marketplace.

Our fully automated cloud platform enables resellers to offer a wide range of solutions to their customers. We have conducted two cloud summits in collaboration with vendors and resellers to create cloud technology awareness and educate on how its benefits could truly transform an organization. In addition, we offer educational programs, trainings and boot camps etc. to help our resellers promote cloud solutions.

The cloud bar is being constantly raised and enterprise cloud spending will grow rapidly over the next few years. Partners should invest in cloud today to be one of the leaders of tomorrow.