Drive Digital
with Cloud

Drive Digital with Cloud
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Digital transformation is all about being disruptive in the industry, being relevant to today’s customers, being competitive and being up to speed and preparing for the new age business, which is fully digital via mobile and online. Some of the most impacted strategies in digital transformation are – improving the customer experience, driving operational agility, workforce enablement, digital technology integration and business model transformation. In all the above strategies, technology is core and if you analyze them, they are all led by cloud. Some of the most used technologies are mobile apps and services, scalable and highly available infrastructure, Big Data and Analysis, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

These technologies are key elements of cloud today without which digital transformation cannot happen. The biggest barriers organizations face when it comes to cloud is the lack of awareness and knowledge on the benefits of the technology. We believe it is the business and finance side who needs to be aware of this, not just IT departments. IT departments love on-premise technology; however cloud benefits can help a firm scale-up, save costs and enhance operations. A deficient of right partners is also another obstacle for organizations when moving to cloud.

Customers don’t feel confident as there are only few IT companies who have really embraced the cloud by having the right skills, people and solutions. This hinders customer organizations from moving ahead as they need a good ecosystem of partners who can provide such services to them.

Ingram Micro with its focus and investments in cloud business unit across the globe and in META has one goal – Channel Transformation. This is a constant effort by Ingram Micro to enable and train partners on cloud and also guide them on the right path to this technology. Besides focusing on channel transformation, we are constantly increasing our portfolio of products and vendors in cloud technology and providing partners a package solution so that they can sell a comprehensive solution rather than a product. We are also making use of modern technology to transform channel partners through our programs like Partner Marketing Program (PMP), Partner Sales Acceleration (PSA) and Ingram CloudBot (AI Based Chatbot).

Over next two years, the biggest change I see is that many cloud players will be directly present in the region with their data centers, which shows that it’s a serious business for cloud vendors. This means it’s time for our channel partners to make the right decision of investing in cloud from a resource point of view before it gets too late. Customers will not stop moving to cloud, it’s the partner who needs to decide if he is going to be part of that journey or not.