Powering Transformation
with IoT

Powering Transformation with IoT
Post Published On: May 9, 2018

Digital transformation has become a mandate for every business to achieve outstanding results in the current era, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology is the one required to enable digitization on their important assets, collect as much data as possible about these assets and use these data to take the right decision on the right time.

The strategy has to start by defining the business challenges and opportunities, and understand the gains of having this strategy and implications of not having it in place. There are various elements within IoT that businesses need to first focus on before thinking of an overall digital strategy.

Business people have to understand first their critical assets, for example; for logistics and shipment companies, main assets are parcels or shipments, fleet and people; for retail stores the important assets are the store itself, the goods in store, warehouse and employees; in real-estate, the buildings, the infrastructure, the utilities and the services around it are significant assets.

Following knowing your assets, you need to focus on what type of data is required to make business meaning from these assets. For example, location and positioning, motion, size, consumption rates and when it comes to people, either customers’ or employees’ data can be age, gender, facial reactions and behavior. IoT is a solution lead sales business, and it should start by business discussions with CMO, COO, CFO, CBO or CEO himself. For partners, who want to be able to drive such business, they have to get the right understanding for specific verticals and the expected business outcomes for them.

Ingram Micro IoT division is here to support partners to drive business discussions, in addition to the technical solutioning. Our strategy in Ingram Micro is to start with four focus areas in IoT – smart fleet and logistics solutions, smart retail, smart building and smart cities solutions. These are the main areas where we are providing end-to-end solutions within the business model and value for partners. This includes applications from ISVs with the best UI/UX in each area, sensors, trackers, intelligent edge, analytics platform, backend infrastructure or cloud services in addition to the AI and machine learning solutions where applicable.