Driving Analytics

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The Middle East being a very oil dependent region has always been relying on oil and gas for large portion of businesses operating in this region. However, given the current dynamics and transformations in this model due to falling oil prices, the focus has drastically shifted to other industries.

Data analytics is a pillar in a set of digital technologies that are proliferating in the region. Business have realized the digital transformation is a wave that all industries must ride to stay competitive. Most companies have been taking strides in this direction by making huge investments on one valuable resource of the future – “data”.

It has been evident that the wings of data analytics are not only in making profits to businesses but also very essential in fields of medicine, defense and in handling natural disasters. On the other hand, while the early movers have already progressed, a clear majority of the fence sitters have now begun taking baby steps in this direction to avoid being made redundant and irrelevant.

While the huge set of data is being created already through various devices like phones, laptops, social platforms, IOT devices and so on, there is a large gap in streamlining into a data lake and having systems and tools in place to process this large humongous sets of data. Data eventually will take over oil in near future and all the signals are out there for anyone to see. Ingram Micro is playing a very critical role through various initiatives in empowering the reseller partners to ride this wave of data analytics and digital world, to equip them to continue to be successful.

Ingram Micro is further enabling partners to be profitable in this area through various initiatives and programs and by believing that the success of our business lies directly linked to the success of reseller partners. Some of the key areas are: maximizing sales opportunities, smart licensing, access to technology centers, logistics center, cloud platform and product expertise. It is the data that has taken the center stage, having the potential to improvise and maximize the effectiveness of each of these programs of Ingram Micro.

The technological progressions over the most recent years have changed the procedure of usage of data. These days, crude data can be prepared and utilized as a learning material on which most of our future decisions will be based. The democratization of data is colossally changing our reality all over the place.

Urban areas and everything rely on a wide assortment of data sources now. The administrations at all levels are opening their data to the nationals. Old businesses are being changed by data. There is remarkably a big scope for data analytics throughout the world.