Why Cloud Security is Important to Business Growth

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Cloud adoption is growing faster than ever before, with new customers building their infrastructure from the ground-up, or existing customers scaling up their cloud presence significantly. Moving to the cloud, however, does not necessarily make data or assets safer than hosting them on-site.

While there is no doubt that the cloud is the future, we need to also consider that with every innovation there are key challenges to overcome. If you are planning to move to the cloud or if you are currently a cloud customer, you must consider deploying the right security solutions to protect your assets from sophisticated cyber-attacks.

1.) Why You Might Need CASB
CASB or “Cloud Access Security Broker” is a software that sits between corporate users and cloud applications. CASB provides you with a wholistic visibility on who is accessing your cloud, when and from which location and device, what kinds of permissions and policies they have when they access the cloud, etc.

2.)Why You Need A Regular Security Test
Data encryption solution is important to ensure that your data is encrypted in the cloud. Some customers even choose to encrypt their data before it is moved to the cloud. Ensure that you consult with a Cyber Security expert to identify the most appropriate encryption solution for your current requirements and needs.

Encryption is an underutilized tactic despite its proven effectiveness at bolstering data security. Because of the increased costs associated with data encryption, some cloud providers limit their cloud encryption services, and some businesses choose to encrypt their own data on-premise before it is moved to the cloud. Make sure you understand how your cloud providers are handling data encryption.

3.)Why You Need A Regular Security Test
In order to protect your data assets on the cloud, you need to ensure that all your applications are healthy and secured and patched. Performing a regular penetration test on your cloud infrastructure will help you to identify the threats, vulnerabilities and fix them before the bad guys take advantage of them and cause data breaches and brand damaging.

Cloud Security is an on-going journey and requires to be considered from multiple perspectives, based on your organization’s unique requirements. For more information to how to ensure cloud security contact our Cyber Security experts at the Ingram Micro Cyber Security Center of Excellence, Dubai.