Relying on Cloud - NetApp

Relying on Cloud

How can regional enterprises harness the power of data to execute hybrid cloud projects? Over the recent years, regional enterprises have understood and embraced the power of data to add value to the…

Unifying Data Management - Bahaa

Unifying Data Management

Nowadays, 2.5 x 1030 (quintillions) bytes of data are generated daily. Data is everywhere and it is taking a central role in companies management and leadership at every level within the organisation.…

Blockchain and cryptocurrency dark isometric cubes background.

Cloud Marketplace Core System Upgrade

As part of our ongoing commitment to better support your business through improved functionality and usability, Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace is upgrading its core systems. These new enhancements wil…

Steering Digital Transformation

Steering Digital

Ingram Micro is driving the Digital Transformation (DX) through its partners. Our position is to offer solutions that capitalizes on what is referred to as the third platform or the new digital revolu…

Disruptive Transformation


Today everyone is talking about digital transformation. However, it is vital to first understand what ‘disruptive transformation’ is and what it means for partners and customers. For partners, disr…

Cloud - Key to Digital Era

Cloud –
Key to Digital Era

Cloud technology sets the foundation and is the backbone to an organization’s digital transformation. To address transformational challenges when embarking on digital journeys, companies need a techno…

Drive Digital with Cloud

Drive Digital
with Cloud

Digital transformation is all about being disruptive in the industry, being relevant to today’s customers, being competitive and being up to speed and preparing for the new age business, which is full…

Man & Machine - IM Advisor

Man & Machine always get a better answer

The business world is at a critical inflection point. Organizations are increasingly adopting the latest technologies as part of their digital transformation journey. Data is expected to play a key ro…

Soaring with Cloud

with Cloud

Chris Burnet, Cloud Services and Software Solutions Manager, MEA, NetApp, shares insights into how partners can grow with cloud solutions. The success of digitization drive largely depends on maxim…