Delivering Value
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Your customers need the best technology to compete in today’s constantly evolving digital landscape. This creates the perfect up selling opportunity for partners. With Ingram Micro and Cisco, we can provide you with the best Services to support your customers and increase the profitability of every sale you make!


Constantly changing security threat creates an opportunity for more Services revenue for Partners. The Virtual Security Operations Centre (VSOC), gives access to Assessment Services, which helps your customers to understand the strength and effectiveness of their technical systems against cyber security attacks. With VSOC also comes access to Consultancy Services, helping your customers to put the best structures in place and to ensure their compliant with cyber security governance. There are also training programs to get your customers thinking critically about cyber security. By providing your customers with this additional support, you can build deeper relationships and become a more trusted Partner.

Cisco Capital

We know that finance is a critical factor for your customers, which affects their ability to make the right investment decisions, at the right time. When assessing financing options, most organisations are focused on flexibility, adopting the latest technology and reducing the total cost of ownership.

Flexible Finance, provides all of these benefits and more.

With easy lease 0% financing you can differentiate your offering, increase your deal sizes and earn better rebates, all while preserving your discounts levels and margins. Boost sales and close deals faster with Cisco Capital Financing.


Our Support Service contracts are more than just a piece of paper! They are a safety net to ensure your customers IT infrastructures remain secure, problems are solved quickly, help improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime!

Every Cisco server rack, switch or piece of software you sell creates an opportunity for more Services revenue. Selling Services increases the deal size, helping you make more money, giving you the opportunity to create a recurring source of income and helping to minimise the Total Cost of Ownership. With Support Services covering all Cisco architectures, Ingram Micro are your trusted partner with our market-leading and awardwinning experts offering a wealth of technical knowledge and experience, supporting customers no matter when or where they are!