Embracing AI & Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications aim to create intelligence in business practice with knowledge, reasoning, perception, planning to deploy for enhanced productivity. Understanding, identifying and responding to the automation possibilities and development opportunities with artificial intelligence systems is a significant differentiating factor for every business. Market for AI is projected to reach $70 billion by 2020, it is a hot topic within enterprise and government markets around the world. AI can enhance innovation and increase productivity.

It can play a crucial role to processing the data for large enterprises and can help companies address the growing pains of data analysis and analytics. Applications of artificial intelligence, such as analytics can assist in customerfacing solutions, marketing, customer service and healthcare. It is an opportunity for IT channel partners to invest in training staff to position AI to capture end-user business before their competition beats them to it. AI works in four ways – Automated Intelligence, Assisted Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence and Autonomous Intelligence.

This includes automation of routine, nonroutine tasks, helping people to perform faster, better decisions and automating decision-making processes without human intervention. Going through the productivity discussion exercise with organizations’ CIOs, chief digital officers and chief data scientists will enable partners to identify areas where the business can implement AI to scale up and increase skillset. We want to help partners to enhance existing processes to reduce costs and improve productivity. We will direct with aspiration to be responsive for products, services, and experiences that incorporate AI for self-driven. AI has the potential to solve many of today’s problems and push humans even further.

But this change is only possible if individuals and businesses embrace it with a goal of creating man-machine hybrids that are better together, improve product experiences for everyone. Understand what market demand and choices they are considering, target them effectively with the most fitting inventory, customize the proposals, automate with marketing to invite to the sales process is the success for Ingram Micro.

With AI practice, distributors are in a position to create smarter, spontaneous and efficient processes with supply chain streamlined. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow distributors to anticipate and intuit future customer needs. This information will enable higher accuracy for purchasing decisions. This in turn will reduce overages and inventory surpluses that can cause wasted expenditures and dead investments.

We will continue to educate and encourage our loyal and trusted channel partners to adapt early and to ensure they have clarity over AI strategy. We want to prepare them for the disruption from AI and related business outcomes. As a global leader, we have been an early adaptor of technology trends such as cloud, security and IoT – this has helped us to position ourselves far ahead than any of the followers.