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Digital transformation is the process of redefining the strategies, plans, services and customer experience to create a sustainable and competitive advantage for the organization. The rapid technological changes make it critical for the small, medium and big companies to develop new innovative business models to survive. The winning organizations understand the importance of enhancing the innovation culture to keep pace with the accelerated growth in data and digital business services.

The new generation of networks is intuitive, adaptive and self-aware of the applications and service delivery. The increasing number of mobile devices, IoT terminals and mobile applications requires the design of future networks to put in mind the security, IoT-readiness and ability for cloud integration. The next network should also be able to enhance workspace and user experience. Customers need to ensure that security is interwoven right from the first step when undertaking a digital strategy as it continues to be a major concern for organizations. The number of annual cyber-attacks that target the infrastructure level is increasing dramatically.

For that, the new models of infrastructure design should take into account, offering an integrated strategy of threats identification and quantification, which is able to detect, act, store and analyze different type of threats from access to backbone levels. The world is going through a critical phase of adopting digital transformation strategies for economic plans and business models for both the public and private sectors. Digital business transformation strategies focus on changing the organization’s structure as well as customer experience but that does not pass without any challenge.

A framework for successful digital transformation should combine customer experience, operational agility, culture, leadership, workforce enablement into a digital technology integration. These five elements will work hand in hand to enhance the integrity, efficiency and profitability of the customer’s organization.

Ingram Micro is a global distributor with the ability to deliver end-to-end technology services. In addition to its large coverage and range of services when it comes to logistic and supply chain; Ingram Micro offers a comprehensive consulting and presales services, tailor-made marketing and state-of-the-art training facilities that help to make Ingram Micro the first choice when it comes to services integrity and delivery.

We continue to ensure that our customers fully understand the impact of the going digital to their operation and to their customers’ revenue stream, we train the partners to design the next adaptive and secure network in which it encapsulates the different elements required to a successful implementation of digitally transformed organization.

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