Realize Your
Digital Future

Realize Your Digital Future
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The speed with which business critical information is gathered, processed, and analyzed is greater today than ever. This business transition is being driven by the technology trends of cloud computing, mobile, big data, and social media, and is vaster and far reaching than anything previously seen. Despite the increased ubiquity and speed of information gathering and processing, many businesses are unprepared to handle and benefit from these changes.

The pace and scale of change that digital technology is enabling means organizations must adapt to remain relevant. And they must use digital technology to do so. In short, digital transformation is now a business imperative. Most organizations are still in the early stages of digital maturity, working on isolated projects that lack coordination. Even where digital transformation has taken place, it’s not always been a success. In contrast, the handful of organizations that fully understand enterprise-wide digital transformation are making increasingly-rapid progress, disrupting industries and leaving competitors behind in the process.

This is because, digital transformation clearly means different things to different people and that pursuing a strategy won’t necessarily equate to the changes that are needed to ensure future business success. But if businesses are able to incorporate some key ingredients into their digital transformation strategies, success will more than likely follow. Our customers need a technology partner that they can rely on to help them in their journey, and we at Dell EMC are here to be their trusted guide and escalate a remedy to advance their digital transformation. Dell EMC sees the transformation journey following strategic and parallel paths:

IT Transformation

Today, businesses need to invest in transformation to leverage this industrial revolution. We see ourselves as the transformational catalyst for our customers. We have the right vision, and leading technologies to empower customers at every step of their digital journey. However, in order to free up funds to invest in this transformation, often times IT has to transform first. Most CIOs agree on a three-step strategy; beginning with modernizing the infrastructure to deliver maximum performance and availability.

This is done using flash-based and converged infrastructure technologies. Step two involves automating service delivery. Everything in the data center must be self-service to make the environment reliable. This turns IT environments into an “IT-as-a-Service” platform, providing a public cloud-like experience inside the data center. Finally, the entire organizational structure of IT must transform to ensure transparency in costs and services levels are well-defined.

Workforce Transformation

Transforming IT environments is only half the story. For workforces of the 21st century, it is imperative to modernize user experiences, empower new ways of working and innovate decision making with intuitive applications and data insight. This involves shifting this status quo to empower a mobile and interconnected workforce. We can help you do all that, and more, without overtaxing IT staff thanks to innovations like PC Lifecycle management. It saves time, effort, decreases down time and increases user-output by an order of magnitude.

Security Transformation

This disrupt or be disrupted age demands transformed security. Data is changing industries, creating opportunities and attracting a whole, new class of malicious adversaries. They’re highly organized, well-resourced and work to exploit security gaps with greater persistence than ever before, putting organizations and millions of people at risk. Governing bodies have implemented sweeping regulations to increase security, privacy, and corporate accountability to keep data safe. Traditional security falls short. There’s never been a more critical time to transform your security.

Dell Technologies, with the combined forces of seven industry leaders, has never been more ready to help you do just that. To this end, Dell Technologies as a unique family of 7 businesses, brings together strong capabilities in the fastest-growing areas of the industry, including hybrid cloud, software defined data center, converged infrastructure, platform-as-a-service, data analytics, mobility and cybersecurity, provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information.

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