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Steering Digital Transformation
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Ingram Micro is driving the Digital Transformation (DX) through its partners. Our position is to offer solutions that capitalizes on what is referred to as the third platform or the new digital revolution. Ingram has built centers of excellence though direct investment or by acquisition in the areas of – cyber security, physical security, IoT and cloud. We believe we have the most advanced solutions with own intellectual property and end-to-end solutions coupled with expertise to enable our partners to offer unique and advanced solutions to their customers.

In addition, we have invested in Digital Marketing platforms coupled with Business Intelligence tools that will assist our partners in generating new business and optimizing solutions for end-users.

A key factor in enabling partners is the training we offer around each solution or product. We provide marketing programs that help partners to promote the solutions to their customers. Additionally, we offer financial facilities to our partners. We have also invested significantly in demo facilities and have hired experts, solution architects and consultants who can assist our partners in designing, POCs and more.

There are a number of challenges that partners will have to overcome in the digital era. Partners will need to invest time in training their associates and adapting to new models of revenue and billing. Nearly all software is moving to cloud-based subscription-based billing (OPEX instead of CAPEX). Deeper knowledge, specialization and new digital marketing methods are all part of creating the Next Generation Reseller.

Ingram Micro continues to lead the digital transformation revolutions for multiple industries. Dubai, has become a hub for innovation. We have created centers of excellence that support numerous countries in the space of Advanced Solutions for businesses.

Our message for partners is straightforward – talk to us, we listen. We can assist you in business and people transformation, and help you ride the high growth opportunities.