The Security Risks in Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation is on the radar of every ambitious company in almost every industry. Driven by the opportunity companies embark on their Digital Transformation journey and often miss or neglect the associated security risks.

Digital Transformation is not purely technology as it involves other key aspects such as;  leadership, strategy, methodologies and people. However, Digital Transportation still depends on a combination of technologies, most commonly Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Mobile, DevOps and Social channels.

While these technologies help companies build a customer centric experience bringing web-like experience of behavior analytics, UX design and reaction to contents to the physical world; they come with their security flaws & risks.

What is the weakest link?

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) for instance, is probably the weakest link as it has multiple security risks. IoT sensors being left with a default password is probably the deadliest sin and according to Positive Technologies, this is currently a shocking 15% of all IoT sensors. To add some perspective, by 2020 there is expected to be 30-50 billion IoT devices, over the past few years, hackers have utilized this weakness to drive major DDoS attacks and with an ever increasing number of connected devices, even more exploitable opportunities could arise.

Other issues include the fact that they do interface with web, cloud and mobile as well as the fact that they depend on basic encryption if at all due to the light hardware utilized to maintain their low cost and light weight.


Containers used by DevOps teams also come with their own vulnerabilities. Sharing the same Operating System while allowing for simpler operations & expansion also means compromising that single OS will impact the various workloads across your containers. Policy Enforcement, Isolation & Audibility are some of the other security concerns associated with Containers according to “Flowcheck” a leading Docker security company.

What else should you consider?

The other and even more dangerous factor is that by nature a Digital Transformation journey is a very dynamic and ever changing endeavor. Therefore, simple security mistakes can grow and quickly become major security risks if not carefully articulated from the very beginning. We suggest that security is a part of the discussion as early as the decision for Digital Transformation has been confirmed. Security is a crucial part of the journey and can help to avoid future losses such as; your clients being hacked at minimum or your competitors stealing the outcomes of your Digital Transformation initiative & beating you to market with it! Luckily most of those issues can be resolved with the right mindset and the right technologies or services for each of the Digital Transformation components.

We are here to help

At Ingram Micro Cyber Security we have a wide variety of expertise to help secure your Digital Transformation journey. We recently held a webinar on the subject that goes relatively deeper to list risks associated with each of the major Digital Transformation component which can be found here.

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