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Information is one of the most important assets for any organization, data is valuable and should be protected and secured. Security is required to combine systems, operations and internal controls to ensure integrity and confidentiality of data and operation procedures in an organization. Identifying these potential external and internal threats in a timely manner is critical to the health of any organization.

It is important to take precautionary steps and define IT policies to ensure data stays within the organization always without being exposed. As, when information falls into incorrect hands, it can ruin lives, bring businesses down and lead to huge financial penalties, expensive law suits, loss of suits even. Microsoft offers two comprehensive solutions to support efficient protection like Azure Information Protection and Microsoft 365 Intelligent Cloud Security.

Azure Information Protection can classify and protect email messages and documents, whether they are located on-premises or in the cloud by applying labels whilst to protect devices, apps, data, and identities without compromising on productivity on cloud and on-premise. For many organizations, achieving complete compliance can be very challenging. Hence organizations need to periodically perform risk assessments and understand their compliance posture.

Even before the GDPR regulation took effect, information loss had already been one of the most expensive consequences of cybercrime, closely followed by business disruption and loss of employee productivity. A variety of intelligent solutions are presently available in the market which help in assessment and management of compliance risks. Hence, it is important to k eep in mind these key factors while choosing the right solution – a platform one can trust and verify; a solution that simplifies organization’s approach to information governance and uses intelligent tools to help discover and control data.

For example, Microsoft 365 empowers organizations to be creative and highly secure and keeps data secure, without impeding productivity, so organizations can focus on what’s important. Data is the key to any business transformation in this digital era, the business possibilities are beyond imagination when the hidden potential of data intelligence is revealed. Data management, advanced analytics, and data visualizations provides opportunities to dig deep and find insights that allows any kind of business to transform and flourish.

Microsoft power BI is a great example of a tool that fuels this digital transformation in the business. It helps organizations to use real time dashboards to make data-driven decisions. We at Ingram Micro have successfully enabled fast routes to market for vendors and resellers. We understand that data is the lifeline for any organization to grow and digitally transform itself. To support this drive and encourage our channel partners, we have a Microsoft program which is based on three pillars – Enable, Engage and Encourage.

In this program, we are offering 360-degree support from business, technical and marketing perspectives. The technical support is inclusive of – consultation, solution designing, sizing and migration. From marketing perspective – we offer marketing strategy consultation, enable partners on easy to use demand generation tools and even support them with our varied marketing services starting from content creation and sharing (both from Global and Gulf) to workshops, online webinars, white papers and telemarketing services.

I am very proud to be leading this three-pillar Microsoft program in Gulf and to be able to create value for our ISVs and Channel Partners.

Article written by Parul Pathak, Microsoft Product Manager at Ingram Micro Gulf