Why should you choose Microsoft - Azure as your preferred cloud vendor

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Microsoft has leveraged its constantly-expanding worldwide network of data centers to create Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere. Azure lets you add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft for all resources and you leverage their Platform as a service (PaaS) capability. Azure provides an ever-expanding array of products and services designed to meet all your needs through one convenient, easy to manage platform.

Below are just some of the capabilities Microsoft offers through Azure and tips for determining if the Microsoft cloud is the right choice for your organization.

1.      Azure offers hybrid consistency everywhere – in application development, security and management, identity management and across the data platform. This helps reduce the risk and cost of a hybrid cloud environment by enabling a common set of skills and offering portability of applications and workloads.

2.      Azure Active Directory Domain services:  Built on the same proven technology as Windows Active Directory, this service for Azure lets you remotely manage group policy, authentication, and everything else. This makes moving and existing security structure partially or totally to the cloud as easy as a few clicks.

3.      SQL databases. Azure offers managed SQL relational databases, from one to an unlimited number, as a service. This saves you overhead and expenses on hardware, software, and the need for in-house expertise.

4.      Microsoft’s Azure Site Recovery is a cost-effective DRaaS solution that stands out as one of the most popular disaster recovery services. Azure Site Recovery has excellent usability, making it easy to replicate Hyper-V or VMWare virtual machine workloads in addition to physical server workloads. The service also provides a unified view on the replication status of all your different workloads.

5.      Security: When you compare other cloud providers to Azure, you’ll find that Azure has more comprehensive compliance coverage with more than 70 compliance offerings, and that it was the first major cloud provider to contractually commit to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

6.      Azure’s compatibility with the .Net programming language is one of the most useful benefits of Azure, which gives Microsoft a clear upper hand over AWS and the rest of the competitors. It is much easier and straightforward for enterprises to move their Windows apps to Azure Cloud as opposed to AWS or others.

7.      The ‘Enterprise Agreement’ Advantage: If an organization already uses Microsoft software, then it likely has the ‘Enterprise Agreement’ with Microsoft. It is entitled to obtain discounts on the Microsoft software being used as Microsoft usually tweaks these agreements to lower the pricing of Azure.

8.      Achieve global scale with 54 announced Azure regions – more than any other cloud provider.

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