I have customers using Office 365, what more can I sell to them??

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Today Office 365 business has become a commodity business and every Microsoft re-sellers is selling/sold Office 365 to their customers. Once Office 365 is sold to the customer, how can a re-seller up-sell or cross sell products to these customers. Below are my thoughts on it.

  1. Migration tools to move to Office 365 : When a customer chooses Office 365, he will then need to move his data ( Emails, documents etc..) to Office 365. There are several tools which can help you achieve it. The bets ones are SkyKick and BiTitan.
  2. Office 365 Backup Solution : Office 365 does not have a backup solution. (Do not confuse backup with archiving). Please refer my article https://bit.ly/2MaZ3oV to know more about why should you propose backup for your Office 365 customers.
  3. ShortPoint : Except the standalone plans, all other plans contain SharePoint Online. SharePoint is one of the most powerful collaboration tools available in today’s market. it can be used for document sharing, workflow mgmt., internal portal for news, announcements, sharing files to partners etc.. SharePoint default looks and feel is not very appealing and so lot of end users don’t access/use it even though the organization has implemented it. To make it user friendly and attractive, ShortPoint. Its a a no-code SharePoint branding tool that can make your SharePoint site beautiful in 30 mins or less.
  4. DocuSign : Every customer is looking to go paperless and DocuSign is a perfect product that lets you digitally sign documents via web, mobile and help you go-green. This not only reduces your printing and paper cost, it also improves users efficiency. Its a market leader in digital signature and readily integrates with Office 365 services.
  5. ChatBot : ChatBot is a well known concept and is being used by several companies. It lets your customers interact with your/your support team via chat. It can be used by internal departments such as HR, finance etc.. to answer FAQ of end users. Designing and creating ChatBot based applications is made easy by using https://www.qnamaker.ai/. For more information refer my article here https://bit.ly/2ngNmio
  6. Nintex workflow and forms : This product helps you automate any business process. Its a drag and drop tool using which you can automate any process such as sales ordering, procurement, event registration, ticketing, P.O process, leave request etc… the list goes on.
  7. Palo Alto Security for Office 365 : The appeal of Office 365 is growing, but so are the hidden threats in SaaS offerings: accidental data exposure, malicious outsiders, promiscuous sharing and so on. Even sanctioned SaaS adoption can increase the risk of breaches and non-compliance. Aperture SaaS security service helps eradicate the risks. It lets you connect directly to SaaS applications to provide data classification, data leakage prevention and threat detection – so you can secure your sanctioned applications.

I will keep this article LIVE by updating it on regular basis. If you have any suggestions on up-sell and cross-sell products that can be combined with Office 365, please do let me know.

Happy solution selling!!..