Leveraging AI in business

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Sam Johny, Business Unit Manager, Ingram Micro, explains how channel partners can help customers to integrate AI and security solutions successfully.

The dirt has still not settled from the paradigm-shifting impact of Big Data on the way we work, largely due to technology continuing to coil upward at a confounding pace. With the Internet of Things (IoT) turning daily devices into a source of raw data for analytics to
generate business insight, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now coming of age to make analytics even more productive and efficient in the workplace. In the next year, organizations expect to have 20 to 2,000 times more data than today.
• Data Application: AI is changing both the competitive landscape and customer expectations to create a culture shift at top organizations. In the long run, this type of digital transformation improves the way we work. Leading organisations are experiencing
a culture shift. This is championed by executives who realise that the digital transformation ushered in by AI is changing the competitive landscape and shifting expectations. Customers are changing all aspects of how we operate. The biggest shift is how we view, value and monetize information – made possible through data-driven decision-making.
• Analytics Drive Innovation: Trends have changed customer expectations that drive the need for data-driven insights – often in real-time. The development of streaming analytics, edge analytics and other innovations have made it possible for organizations to meet those expectations, enabling a responsiveness that ranges from providing optimal customer experiences.
• Intelligent Machine and Pattern Recognition: AI capabilities can be anything from implementing image recognition to analyzing
consumer spending behavior for fraud. Even the smallest changes to achieve more focused insight into trends and patterns allow powerful AI capabilities to yield big results from complex data sets.


Successful businesses understand their target customers and build business models around them. Those who want to better understand customers can benefit from the new opportunities afforded by artificial intelligence— but only if human insight informs
machine learning and improves algorithms. The increased integration of AI into existing technologies is poised to unlock a wealth of opportunities for businesses. By analyzing data sets and performing automated work behind the scenes, AI promises to enable faster decision-making and free up valuable resources for stakeholders. AI has the potential to provide a wealth of insights that both confirm and dispute previously assumed hypotheses. Combined with human expertise, this augmented intelligence will help businesses drive cost savings, increase talent quality and improve the effectiveness of their contingent workforce programs.
An increasing amount of data processing isn’t the only area of opportunity, information security plays a huge role in building a strong AI platform. Channel Partners play a huge role in building AI and Security at a scale and at a pace that is required currently for the Total Addressable Market. Those partner who adopt this paradigm shift quickly will be able to transform better and play a key role in transforming their customer to be ready for the future. End-customers always trusted channel partners to come with new solutions that can reduce operations cost and increase efficiency. The adoption of machine learning, and other AI technologies provides new insights into a wide range of aspects and new ides will help the organization to move far ahead.