Ransomware attacks

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The New Threat to Your Critical Data

Ransomware attacks against organizations and individuals are increasing at a staggering pace. The increasing number of new Ransomware indicates that more and more attackers are exploiting this threat to disrupt business operations and extort organizations and individuals for their critical data.

What is Ransomware attacks?
Ransomware is malware used by hackers to kidnap the data of the victim by encrypting the victim’s data and demanding payment for providing the decryption keys.

Why it is important to you?
The rate of detected Ransomware attacks is significantly increasing year by year. Many security vendors consider Ransomware as one of the most significant threats facing both organizations and individuals. According to Symantec Internet Security report issued in 2017, the number of detected Ransomware attacks rose from 340,000 in 2015 to 463,000 during 2016, recording an increase of 36 percent.

Ransomware antivirus detections rose from an average of 933 per day in 2015 to 1,270 per day in 2016. Source – Internet Security Threat Report 2017

How does it happen?

Ransomware is spread mostly through emails containing infected attachments or malicious web links. Victims get infected when they try to open the email’s attachment or visit the malicious web page.

What should you do if it happened to you?

  • Do not pay the ransom. There is no guarantee that the attacker will supply a method to unlock your computer or decrypt your files.
  • Isolate the infected computer immediately to prevent the Ransomware from spreading into another computers and/or network drives and infect additional files.
  • Restore damaged files from a known good backup.
  • Contact security experts to help you identify the best Anti Ransomware solution to protect your systems and data.

How can we help you?
Ingram Micro provides a wide range of cyber security services, trainings, and world class Anti-Ransomware security solutions and products. Our security experts can help you identify and understand your threats, vulnerabilities, and security weaknesses and equip you with the right products and solutions to secure your systems and data.
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