AI Journey with Modern Applications

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AI Power Apps

Organizations today are trying to make use of their data sets to build effective applications in fast moving consumer world. To address diverse challenges they need experts, tools, and resources. It wasn’t easier to build insight-full applications some time ago. Today we can use leading integrated platforms to build machine learning models, visualizations and deep learning algorithms with IBM AI platform.

Predictive Modeling

The experts today can take advantage of powerful tool such as, SPSS modular for advanced predictive modeling without the knowledge of programming and use the industry leading algorithms for advanced analytics, text analytics, geospatial analytics.

Data Science Tools

The data scientists spend 80% of their time in data prep. The scientists can experiment different models with a cloud-based service which saves them the time and cost for the teams to produce insightful results using data management, modeling, training or deployments.

IBM Watson Studio

IBM Watson studio is an integrated platform that provides data scientists, developers and experts the right set of tools in highly configurable environment and capabilities discussed above like from preparation of data to train to visualize and deploying AI applications, Watson studio is the leading platform in the market for modern AI use case deployments. Since, it catalogs the data so you can use data where ever it resides.

With the flexible multicloud architecture which help enterprises to simplify AI business priorities:

  • It automates the AI lifecycle management for new teams started working on data science projects.
  • The visual tool that enable the developers to use SPSS modular and build models with little knowledge of programming languages.
  • Build models using Visual Recognition and Natural Language Classifier
  • IBM Machine Learning helps to deploy the models though one-click integration.
  • Manage and monitor the models and remove biases and risks with IBM OpenScale.

You can build your NextGen applications by using Watson ML, SPSS modular, Integrated Watson AI services, Advance modeling with neural nets for your transforming ideas using cloud-based platform. Also make use of Watson Studio desktop version for critical applications.

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