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The IBM’s premier event went digital this year in the light of global precautions for the COVID-19. In few weeks, it changed approach and re-created as a global, first ever digital event to our home offices There were key sessions for different stake holders from industry leaders, to technology experts and students.

Let’s discuss the main announcements from THINK2020.

From reactive to proactive approaches and commitments for tomorrow…

A Digital Landscape

The world after COVID19 is a different reality. We have seen people and companies came closer to help each other. At a time like this, a company like IBM has more responsibility to partner with clients and provide essential platforms to innovate and scale quickly.

Artificial Intelligence & Adoption

IBM is expanding the focus towards intelligent platforms and to enable trusted and secured data foundations while introducing technology that addresses key issues as to manage the supply chains, IT operations, secured infrastructure and smooth processing by using AI/ML practices across portfolio & services.

Watson AIOps

Watson AIOps is an AI-powered application that augments CIO workflows by delivering AI-led insights that leverage data and evidence from across your IT landscape. IBM’s first release actively engages IT Operators to diagnose anomalies and resolve incidents with insights from across your chosen IT tool set.

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Financial Services Ready Public Cloud

Financial sector faces different challenges while embracing technologies. They have to manage security, resiliency, compliance and complex processes. IBM has announced Financial Services – Ready Public Cloud to cater the needs of highly regulated industry with the ISVs alliance.

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IBM Cloud Satellite

IBM has also announced Cloud Satellite which will allow users to run their cloud services anywhere; on-premises or at edge locations. To run workloads where it makes more sense which is designed and structured with open source foundations.

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The 5G Era

5G offers a potential for speed, latency, managing hundreds of IT instances at edge. To sought security, patching, support for these hundreds of applications at edge. IBM is announcing services and capability with new ‘Edge and Telco Cloud Solutions’ that can run workloads anywhere. Clients can fully adapt to the benefits of edge computing including running AI and analytics at edge.

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